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Name: Tiffany
Age: 19
Location: staten island, new york
Gender: female
Status(post pictures): not taken
How did you find us?: someone posted a comment about joining on my lj
Who promoted you?: Anonymous
Top 5 Favorite movies: 200 cigarettes, jackass the movie, donnie darko, halloween, clerks
Top 10 Favorite Bands: my chemial romance, senses fail, a static lullaby, nirvana, the used, rancid, killswitch engage, matchbook romance,green day, mest
Favorite song at the moment and why?: "all that i've got" by the used because its a song that i can relate to and it reminds me of my ex and since he left me i feel empty and the song is bascially about emptiness and how its all that he's got.
What's the hottest thing about you?: my eyes because i get told alot that i have pretty eyes

What's the worst thing about you?: i have a dependant personality

What's your take on drugs?Alcohal?: i used to take drugs, but i realized that i don't need them to do have fun and i drink once in awhile
Tell us some of your role models and why: my role model is my friend Stefanie because she went through alot with drugs and got clean all on her own and i look up to her cause she's a strong person and she helps me alot.

Tell us something amusing:im more random then amusing i don't really know anything amusing except when i was telling my ex the difference between a male cat and a female one so i said "u can tell its a male cause it has a puffy thing" at the time i wasn't thinking so i didn't mean for it to be funny, but he thought it was.

Tell us a secret: i used to be suicidal

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