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Name: Tiffany
Age: 19
Location: staten island, new york
Gender: female
Status(post pictures): not taken
How did you find us?: someone posted a comment about joining on my lj
Who promoted you?: Anonymous
Top 5 Favorite movies: 200 cigarettes, jackass the movie, donnie darko, halloween, clerks
Top 10 Favorite Bands: my chemial romance, senses fail, a static lullaby, nirvana, the used, rancid, killswitch engage, matchbook romance,green day, mest
Favorite song at the moment and why?: "all that i've got" by the used because its a song that i can relate to and it reminds me of my ex and since he left me i feel empty and the song is bascially about emptiness and how its all that he's got.
What's the hottest thing about you?: my eyes because i get told alot that i have pretty eyes

What's the worst thing about you?: i have a dependant personality

What's your take on drugs?Alcohal?: i used to take drugs, but i realized that i don't need them to do have fun and i drink once in awhile
Tell us some of your role models and why: my role model is my friend Stefanie because she went through alot with drugs and got clean all on her own and i look up to her cause she's a strong person and she helps me alot.

Tell us something amusing:im more random then amusing i don't really know anything amusing except when i was telling my ex the difference between a male cat and a female one so i said "u can tell its a male cause it has a puffy thing" at the time i wasn't thinking so i didn't mean for it to be funny, but he thought it was.

Tell us a secret: i used to be suicidal

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you have dreamy eyes.. just thought i would mention :)
bad music.

not pretty.
that was a no
post pictures where you're not looking up at the camera.
you dont know how to apply eyeliner. no.
you have the same fucking facial expression in every fucking picture. fuck. and you're boring. fuck. and not fucking funny.

Deleted comment

Deleted comment

Would it be alright if I hit you with a sledgehammer?
eh your application kinda was boring, and you look extremely sad in all your pictures. idk sorry but

stop pouting
1. you revealed way too fucking much, hello, this is a fucking rating community online!
2. you have the same expression in ever fucking picture
3. you application sucked
4. everything about you sucked
5. fuck off
6. learn to apply make-up
7. your ugly make me hate your life. i cant say why, but id feel better if you werent a member.

that is a no, for the record.
You are like one of those people that if I saw in real life I would want to hit just so you would stop LOOKING LIKE you want to cry and just go fucking cry. Your face makes mine hurt, from laughter. . .
you're either trying to pout or you have really fat cheeks =/

Deleted comment