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norma jeannnnn

Thad and Sessler

Who the fuck knows.

ahhhh Sessler!!

they turned out kinda shitty. but i did the best i could kids.

i didn't even get to see norma jean cause it took us for -fucking- ever
to even get in. so i only saw unearth and atreyu. they were fucking

♥ later

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lol interesting pics...
and norma jean = blek live..
theyre way too loud.. play with lights so its like your gonna have a seizure and when i saw them played messed up videos of bugs to go along with their show.. it was retarded so i left and sat in the car and could still hear them fine lol
im jealous though i havent gotten to see atreyu yet :(
i wanted to go to that, too. who all did you go with?
and who the fuck are those guys? (the pics kinda suck, btw)