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Name: katrina

Age: 16

Location: miami

Status(post pictures): single

How did you find us?: someone told me to join in

Who promoted you?: pink o duckies

Top 5 Favorite movies: cindrella story, old school, shes all that, a few good men, and mean girls

Top 10 Favorite Bands: green day, linkin park, fob, dashboard, bright eyes, incubus, the used, creed, good charlotte, and something corporate

hat's the hottest thing about you?: I asked my bestfriend and this is what she said..
k a t R ii oX: wats the hottest thing abou me??
JAXiiE ROCkZ: ur asss

What's the worst thing about you?: sarcastic at times

Tell us some of your role models and why: my mom is my #1 role model she has taught me everything and shes been there for me whenever i needed her. She has gone through a lot in her life and she just keeps going through it with a smile and confidence.

Tell us something amusing: i go to st. brendan high school, i'm a cheerleader who loves football, and i love to party and go out with my friends.

Promote us to 1 community, and your user info. Show us the link:

Post at LEAST 5 GOOD and CLEAR photos of yourself, maximum of 10:

..im on the left.

..on the right.
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