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Name: Kristen
Age: 16.
Location: Commack, Long Island, NY.
Status(post pictures): Taken, but i dont have a picture.
How did you find us?: Promotion on somebodys journal.
Top 5 Favorite movies: Halfbaked, SLC Punk, Haggard, The Wall, The Nightmare Before Christmas.
Top 10 Favorite Bands: Green Day, HIM, CKY, the ramones, the clash, the offspring, rancid (minus the new album), NOFX, the distillers, pink floyd.
What's the hottest thing about you?: Physically, my eyes are the only thing i like about myself.
What's the worst thing about you?: Probably my nose.
Tell us some of your role models and why: Billie Joe Armstrong has been my role model since i was 5 years old, which is around the same time that i picked up on the dookie CD. i have looked up to him for years now, and will probably continue to look up to him for the rest of my life. hes worked so hard to get where he is today, his words inspire me, and i can relate to him in many ways. he lost his father at the age of 10 which has affected him greatly. he is a hard working father and husband. i hope to someday grow up like him. he has been making music for over 15 years now and without him and his band i wouldnt be half the person i am today.
Tell us something amusing: I'll tell you straight out, this is pretty damn racist but its the only joke ive ever heard that i actually laughed at. what do you call a whole bunch of white people running down a hill...avalanche! What about black people...mudslide! What about mexicans...jail break!
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